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From: Brian L. Stuart <stuart_at_colossus.mathcs.rhodes.edu>
Date: Tue May 13 11:31:29 1997

Tim Shoppa (referring to Micro RSTS):
>> As far as I know RSTS was never ported to anything except the PDP-11
>> at least not a port that was marketed. My guess is that these are
>> for one of the DEC PRO machines. These machines had the small
>> LSI-11 implementation. At any rate, you're right, they're not
>> for the Rainbow.
>RSTS was never released for the Pro's. Porting an operating system
>to the Pro is made difficult by the fact that it's I/O subsystem
>is entirely different than the more traditional PDP-11's.

Ahhh. I guessed wrong. I had thought that the strange Pro I/O
was what the Micro referred to, but obviously not.

>If any of your -11's have a RQDX1/2/3, then all you need to do
>is add a floppy to the controller. RX33 floppy drives (TEAC's
>with the proper jumper setting) will also read and write RX50's.

Unfortunately, I don't have one of those cards. It's nice to
know they'll take ordinary drives, though.

Brian L. Stuart
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