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From: Brian L. Stuart <>
Date: Tue May 13 11:36:18 1997

Sam Ismail:
> Dum de dum, hey an ad for the HP-86
>personal computer. I don't think I've ever seen one of these...its like
>an Apple in design, with the keyboard and CPU all one unit. I never knew
>HP made such a beast. I'll have to find me one of those.

They do have a certain cool factor. They made several models
that differed mainly in what devices were built-in. I recently
got an HP-85 which has the built-in monitor, printer and tape
drive. They had BASIC in ROM and had an expansion port that
could take an expansion ROM cartridge carrier as well as an
RS-232 interface and a GPIB interface.

Now if I can just get that 9815 they've got too. Someone else
has claimed it, but he's never picked it up.

Brian L. Stuart
Received on Tue May 13 1997 - 11:36:18 BST

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