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From: hellige <>
Date: Mon May 12 09:06:18 1997

   Well, seems I've been busy as ever picking stuff up. Not only am I
currently awaiting the arrival of an Apple II+, including a number of goodies,
but last night I went to my two favorite thrift stores and picked up a couple
of things.

   The first is a beige TI-99/4A. I hadn't originally planned on getting
another 4A since I have a silver/black one with PEBox sitting here, but at $3,
I couldn't pass it up. It's a nice looking machine, and seems to work fine.
The only problem is that it is missing the 'apha lock' keycap. Hopefully I'll
be able to locate one eventually. I got this at the same store I picked up
the other PEBox at a month or so ago. This means I've bought a complete
TI-99/4A with PEBox from them, both functional, for a total of $8!

   The other major thing I picked up was an AST SixPackPlus RAM and I/O board
for a PC-XT. I picked this up, populated with 256k, for $10 hoping to be able
to use it with the IBM 5155 to increase it's memory, as well as add the I/O
ports to it. The 5155 may have all eight expansion slots, but after the
built-in video and disk controller use two, that only leaves one left usable
due to the length of the others behind the disk drives. After some moving
around, I finally got the full length AST board installed and it worked like a
champ. Now I have a full 512k plus serial and parallel I/O on the 5155! Does
anyone know where I might find the clock utility for the oboard battery-backed
clock on this board?

   That's my haul for the day...the only other things I picked up were
cartridges for the C-64: Hes Mon-64 and PitFall.

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