Gas plasma displays

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Thu May 15 17:35:07 1997


Recently I picked up a manual for a machine called the "Laser Concept
286/16 Laptop" for the sole reason that it has a couple of good photos of
the machine's red gas plasma display.

I remember seeing some other systems with this kind of display in
magazines. (The GRiD Compass comes to mind?)

Anyway, I'm wondering why this technology was so little used. What were
the major disadvantages? And do these displays still survive today? (Does
anyone have one?)

I think gas plasma displays look extremely cool, but I've never actually
seen one in real life. They could be a real pain in the eyes to use for
extended periods?

Doug Spence
Received on Thu May 15 1997 - 17:35:07 BST

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