ADDS Multivision

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Mon May 19 13:17:50 1997

On Mon, 19 May 1997, Jonathan Hunter wrote:

> I have in my basement a genuine ADDS Multivision machine. It's runs a
> multitasking version of CP/M, called MUON, and used to run
> brilliantly until I accidentally ran the SYSGEN utility which, I
> found out later, overwrote the config information. It now refuses to
> boot, saying "Stack error" or something equally useful :-(
> I would phone up ADDS, but they're in America and I don't
> particularly fancy all the international phone calls from the UK!
> I don't have their address or fax number or anything - and that's not
> even mentioning the fact that quite probably, nobody there will know
> a thing about this machine! :-(

Not only that, but I don't even think there will be anyone there to
answer the phone. Is this company even still around?

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