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> It's an IBM 370 mainframe emulator. Here's what I've heard:
> There should be a "P" card that should have two Motorola 68000s, both
> modified in varying ways and produced under license by IBM on it, plus a
> 8087. It should attach to the M card that has 512K of ram on it. And
> then there's a PC3277-EM card that is just a 3270 terminal emulator that
> should attach to the mainframe.
> I don't know much more about this, since I'm just getting all this
> information second hand. It's allegedly in a book called _Upgrading and
> Repairing PCs_, but I don't know the author.

I have that book. It's by Scott Mueller and the one I have is 1988.
Here's what it says (to add to your info):

  "...All this hardware is run by a program called the 3270 PC Control
  Program. This combination can support up to seven concurrent
  activities: one local PC DOS session, four remote mainfram sessions,
  and two local electronic notepads. With the assistance of the 3270
  PC Control Program, information can be copied between windows,
  except that a PC DOS window may not receive information. "
The cards used are:
  3270 System Adapter (communication 'tween the 3270 PC & 3274)
  Display Adapter (replaces PC's mono/cga card. No graphics unless...)
  Extended Graphics Adapter - XGA (required to get graphics)
  Programmed Symbols adapter (provides graphics with 3278/3279 stations)
IBM also had an XT 370 that used the PC 370-P, PC 370-M, and
PC 3277-EM cards.
The P card emulates the 370 instruction set. This card has the
Motorola 68K cpu's. It also has the 8087.
The M card is the 512K mentioned above.
And the 3277 card hooks up to the S/370 mainframe.

So I reckon you have the XT 370.
The price of the 370 attachments was $3,000 over the price of the
XT this stuff had to go into. Jeez!


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