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From: Paul E Coad <>
Date: Mon May 19 19:21:13 1997

On Mon, 19 May 1997 wrote:

> IBM also had an XT 370 that used the PC 370-P, PC 370-M, and
> PC 3277-EM cards.
> The P card emulates the 370 instruction set. This card has the
> Motorola 68K cpu's. It also has the 8087.
> The M card is the 512K mentioned above.
> And the 3277 card hooks up to the S/370 mainframe.
> So I reckon you have the XT 370.
> The price of the 370 attachments was $3,000 over the price of the
> XT this stuff had to go into. Jeez!

Compared to to a real 370, a console, terminals, DASDs, and what not,
this price is not too bad. Add the fact that the XT 370 likely did
not require a riser floor, motor-generator, air conditioning, and a
square kilofoot of floor space, and it starts to look even better.

I wonder why they were not more popular. Run JCL on your desktop machine!
This may have a strange appeal to me, but how many people really want to
run MVS on a desktop machine? I'd really be interested in knowing what
people used these machines for other than super-3278s.

Anyone know what happened to OpenMVS? (Feels like Unix, works like MVS)
IBM was pushing it in some Unix rags a few years ago.

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