A Tragedy Averted

From: Glenn Roberts <groberts_at_mitre.org>
Date: Wed May 21 16:24:09 1997

At 03:00 PM 5/21/97 -0400, Ward Griffiths wrote:
>Here in New Jersey, many towns have periodic "cleanout" garbage
>collections ...Last night ... someone had placed a TRS-80 Model II, its
>disk expansion bay, and a Line Printer VI by the curb...
>Then he brought out and presented me with a Kaypro 10.

congrats! i must say that reading this list is starting to get a bit
depressing. one begins to feel that if you're not routinely finding
treasures in the trash or S100 systems for $2 you're just not with it. i
guess patience will ultimately win out though. keep searching for those

- gfr

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