collectin depression was:Re: A Tragedy Averted

From: Paul E Coad <>
Date: Wed May 21 20:10:34 1997

On Wed, 21 May 1997, Glenn Roberts wrote:

> congrats! i must say that reading this list is starting to get a bit
> depressing. one begins to feel that if you're not routinely finding
> treasures in the trash or S100 systems for $2 you're just not with it. i
> guess patience will ultimately win out though. keep searching for those
> treasures!

I've had a pretty good string of luck lately. I had a dry spell of about
six months which ended shortly before the list started up. Collecting
good computers requires a good deal of patience. But once you make that
incredible find, this list is the best place to brag/crow/share the joy.
Most of the people I know couldn't care less about my latest prize. Most
have reactions like: "ANOTHER, computer? How many do you have NOW? You
paid money for a computer that doesn't run WINDOWS? Where are you going
to buy software for it?" Gak!

The people on this list also understand why you are excited when you have
a good outing. Keep looking. You'll have your chances to make us drool.
We'll be here when you find an unused PDP-8 in a dumpster behind your

Happy hunting,

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