Spare Chips

From: Martin Evans <>
Date: Thu May 22 04:12:31 1997

In article <Pine.LNX.3.91.970522045703.16495A->, Alexios Chouchoulas
> While we're talking about EPROMs, anyone care to suggest a cheap burner?
>Preferably one I can buy in the UK, but any ideas would be lovely. I've
>looked at some, but they're all in the UKP250+ price range. I'm seriously
>considering building my own...

        Maplin do two under 200UKP - the EPP1-F at 162.99 and the EPP-2
199.99 (both prices inclusive of VAT). I bought a EPP1-F a long time ago
at one company I worked at and it seemed OK for small EPROMS/EEPROMS (up
to 128k x 8. Comes with a DOS-based editor and utilities but claims to
work on any computer with an RS232 and terminal software.
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