Spare Chips

From: Alexios Chouchoulas <>
Date: Wed May 21 23:03:52 1997

On Wed, 21 May 1997, Isaac Davis wrote:

> If anyone else knows of a cheap source of eproms or other chips, share it
> with us.

  How about old PC cards? Those are a penny a dozen. Some have really useful
stuff on them (assuming they're not old enough to be classics, like the
original IBM MDA driving my second screen).

  You could also try old PC motherboards. They're very cheap and have big

  My personal favourite is scavenging old [S]VGA cards. These are *REALLY*
cheap or even free (esp. the 256k RAM ones). A lot have EPROMs to store
their BIOS and character set. (Around 6-7 years ago, the norm in my
country of origin was to burn a new character set into EPROMs and replace
the ones on the VGA. Later they found out that was too slow and expensive,
so they stuck with soft fonts. Maybe things are similar in your respective

  While we're talking about EPROMs, anyone care to suggest a cheap burner?
Preferably one I can buy in the UK, but any ideas would be lovely. I've
looked at some, but they're all in the UKP250+ price range. I'm seriously
considering building my own...

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