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From: Bill Whitson <>
Date: Mon May 26 17:09:47 1997

> Later on I fondled a Compupro 10 at a thrift shop, like like it was a
> multi-user machine with 4 console ports, 3 printer ports, a SCSI/SASI
> port and an 8" drive port (to compliment it's two 5.25" drives bays it
> already has. Will have to browse the web and see if I can see what it
> was about.

Hi. The CompuPro line is pretty much the center of my collection so
if you have any questions, let me know (I have four models, docs, disks,
spares, you name it...) Sounds like what you were looking at was a
CP 816/10. Standard config on a pre-configured unit was 1 8088 mother
processor, 4 Z80 processors, 1 5.25" floppy drive, 1 20MB hard disk.

This model was different from the other CP machines in that it was
cased in a big grey PC-styled desktop case. Other CP models were
case in what they called the "IMSAI style case" which was just a big
box (no switches). Really, anything could be in that box - many of
the compupro machines seem to have been sold bare (case, PS, and S-100
bus) and it was left to you to stuff cards in to make a computer out
of it.

Standard software seems to have been CP/M 3, CP/M-86, CCP/M, DR-NET,
and some Sorcim applications.

If you didn't pick it up, I'd recommend it - they're great to play
with and run a wide variety of OSs with the appropriate add-in cards.


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