bringing heath 120 back to life

From: Glenn Roberts <>
Date: Mon May 26 20:39:43 1997

i'm trying to fire up the old Heath H-120. it seems to have "forgotten"
how to see the floppy disk controller, i get:


i've checked quite a few things (e.g. reseat card and chips, look for cold
solder joits, etc. - see my more extensive posting on comp.sys.zenith.z100).

it seems like maybe getting hold of another H207 card (floppy controller)
would be worth trying - or maybe even a whole Z100 system for swapping
parts. are these still showing up at auctions? (DOD was of course a big
Z100 customer). How do i find out about these auctions? anyone know of a
source for spares or help with this sort of thing? thanks.

- glenn

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