HELP!!! Apple IIe - doesn't work!

From: Mr. Self Destruct <>
Date: Mon May 26 23:17:32 1997

This past weekend, my aunt cleaned out her basement and presented me with
all the old computer stuff she had stored there. Not much but I did get
an old XT and a pretty complete IIe system. First, here's what I got:

About 5 feet of disks (apple II) of which about 25 or so were CP/M (?)

About 10 feet of books including (and I don't know why) users manuals and
tape software for an "Epson HX20 Notebook Computer" (didn't get the
computer tho :( looks neat no the cover)

Since I am new to Apple's and really don't know what I'm talking about I
will "attempt" to describe the system I got. Whomever had it before my
aunt really did a number on it; all the punch-out plates in the back are
gone and numerous ribbon cables are coming out every little crevice!

First the basics:
It came with 2 Disk II Disk Drives which I am still not sure even work.
OPening the iie up I find:

CPU has been replaced (?) with a ZIPCHIP 4 (?)

In slots:

AUX: This is probabl;y the most interesting board. It says Ramworks II
on it and has a piggyback board attached to it that I think is supposed to
be a RGB board.

1: is empty

2: has a Grappler + Parallel Printer INterface

3: Empty

4: Mouse Interface

5: Empty

6: Disk II Interface

7: (This one stumps me) Its a pretty long board and attaches by way of a
wire to a panel on the back that says "VIDEX" The panel has a toggle
switch and two RCA ports that say "M" and "A" Is this another Video

OK, here's the problem!

When I turn it on......nothing happens!
The enhanced light comes on (?) and all I get on the screen is a sqaure
pattern of reversed _at_ sysmbols and such. What is this? Other than that,
the computer beeps once before this appears and the drives just blink
their lights real quick (no motor spins, etc.) What's wrong here guys?

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