Another weekend haul story

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Tue May 27 08:48:11 1997

Glenn Roberts wrote:
> unfortunately UCSD Pascal was wiped out along with CP/M and a lot of other
> good stuff when DOS swept the world.

        I have copies of the UCSD p-System, IV2.1 R3.4, dated 1985 for the IBM
PC, both the boot and utilities disk. I also have a book titled
something like 'Introduction to UCSD Pascal', though it's not handy at
the moment. I do know it was authored by the programmer that originated
the system. I've booted this system recently on the 5155, along with
every other early PC OS I have here, but have yet to get deep into it.

        On a slightly different note, I finally found a Commodore C-16 today!!
To make the find even nicer was the fact that it was boxed with manual,
warranty registration card, and the C-16 Tutorial Catrtridge, which was
also still boxed. I've yet to plug it up, but am quite looking forward
to it.

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