Current for trade/wanted list

From: Kai Kaltenbach <>
Date: Tue May 27 17:55:30 1997


- Osborne 1 (with copy of Osborne CP/M system disk)
- Kaypro 2 (good condition, no boot disk, though it's available through
the cp/m archive)
- Commodore PET 2001 (full size graphics keyboard version, looks great,
one small hole drilled in front panel, probably for a switch)
- Tandy Color Computer 1 (good condition, some cosmetic wear at hand
- Macintosh 128 with keyboard and mouse
- Macintosh 512 in original box with keyboard and mouse
- VIC-20 in original box with PS
- Commodore 64 in original box with PS
- Timex-Sinclair ZX1000 (no PS but it takes standard 9VDC I believe)

(game systems)
- Vectrex system, very rare, yes this is the original *vector graphic
monitor* console game system by Milton Bradley/GCE
- Odyssey^2 system, PS, joysticks, in original box
- Intellivision system, captive joypads & integral PS
- Colecovision system, 2 controllers, PS


- Exidy Sorcerer
- Processor Tech Sol-20
- Apple II (no suffix)
- Apple Lisa
- Apple ///
- Compucolor II

(software, parts, etc.)
- TI 99/4A disk operating system cartridge
- Expansion Interface for TRS-80 Model I
- Tandy floppy for TRS-80 Model I
- DOS master disks for Apple II+
- Tandy Color Computer I 5.25" disk software

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