SoftCard IIe (was: Re: HELP!!! Apple IIe - doesn't work!)

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Fri May 30 07:27:19 1997

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Alexios Chouchoulas wrote:

> On Tue, 27 May 1997, Mr. Self Destruct wrote:
> > About 5 feet of disks (apple II) of which about 25 or so were CP/M (?)
> CP/M disks? Ooh, wish I had those for my IIe... I have a Microsoft SoftCard
> IIe (brilliant product, btw) but the CP/M boot disks for it are gone. I
> really should talk to Don Maslin, I suppose.

I notice you mention that it is a "SoftCard IIe". Does the Apple //e
require a special version of the SoftCard?

The reason I ask is that I had an Apple ][+ with a Z80 card (of
undetermined origin). My ][+ started dying (it was getting "zaps" in the
video quite frequently) so I upgraded to a //e as soon as I found one in a
thrift store.

I moved everything across to the //e (smoking a Disk ][ in the process
:'() and the Z80 card refuses to work in the //e.

I even picked up a second Z80 card, and it won't work in the //e, either.

> Btw, your Apple is indeed pretty meaty. :-) I'm sorry I can't provide any
> actual help (despite being an Apple user of old). Oh, the "punch-out" covers
> at the back weren't punch-out. They had little plastic plugs you could put
> back if you wanted (though, from my experience, you wouldn't -- in fact
> you'd add a fan to the thing so it wouldn't overheat).

I preferred the simple grooves in the back for cables on my ][+ clone. I
never had to disconnect anything to remove it. I wouldn't have smoked the
Disk ][ if the //e hadn't required pulling the cable from the controller
for installation. :/

Doug Spence
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