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From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sat Nov 1 10:00:23 1997

From: "Hotze" <>

<Good to hear that. If I do get a computer, it will have an AMD processor.
<If memory serves, Intel cut off the 386 at 20 mhz.

At a bare minimum intel went to 33mhz, I know as I have both the DX and
SX versions.

<Do you know where I can get any of this software? Also, I need to know
<how to rig it up so that I can get nultiple connections over one phone lin
<(my computer has one dedicated line already), also, if I can use one modem
<(say a 33,600) to divide up to several 4800 connections.

What your referring to is making one physical circuit look like multiple
virtual circuits, aka networking. For PCs and minicomputers that is
possible between each other but, not as a computer to phone line
interface(caveats exist). For phone modems sharing it between phone lines
is not an option.

For BBSing you need one modem and one phone line for every user you wish to
have on line at the same time. The modems do not have to be the same speed
and even slow ones can eb useful.

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