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From: Hotze <>
Date: Sat Nov 1 10:31:26 1997

Okay, I'll get you the motherboard ASAP, and computers DON'T make mistakes;
programmers do.

>Glad to take it!
I'll ship the 486/33 processor to you, but if it is alright, can I have a
slightly higher discount on shiping on which ever computer I end up taking?
 I don't know how much the 486/66 processor w/board w/16 MB RAM is worth,
you could tell me, and then whatever you think the 486/33 is worth. But
remember, the 33 is a SX, so it has no math processor. The 66 is a DX2.

>The VIC-20 was Commodore's first computer...2K of RAM (I think), did
>and color TV screen stuff.
>Commodore 64
>Apple II C (I think).
Well, I'm not sure which I'll take, but I don't really need the Apple II C,
maybe the Commodore 64, or the VIC 20.
  I have a TV screen, I even have one in the guest
>bedroom that's used once in a blue moon. Didn't the older Apples up to
>IIGS have attached monitors?

>>The Post Office tells me that 44 lbs will cost $89 US to send to you. If
>>have a TV screen, you can save on the cost of shipping a monitor for an
>>Apple/Commodore/anything else. (The IBM will work a TV screen with the
>>card, but colors are funny).
How much does the Commodore 64 or the VIC-20 weigh? (That might make a
difference in what I chose.), but it'll probably be the VIC 20. I have a
friend who might buy the C64 from you. In your next e-mail, tell me how
much you would sell the C64 for, so I can tell him.
        Thanks again,

        Tim D. Hotze
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