Sup'r Mod

From: James Willing <>
Date: Mon Nov 3 09:58:59 1997

> If you want to be Captain-Nitpickily accurate, it was called Sup'r Mod, and
> the supplier's name was Marty Spergel -- the guy who first made himself
> famous at the Homebrew Computer Club by GIVING away an Intel 8080 chip.
> ("*gee!*")

Ok, so for the general information and edification of the masses (are
there enough of to be a 'mass'?) Does anyone recall just where in the
timeline the (infamous) "PixiVerter" fell?

This was yet another workaround for the FCC rules, as the PixiVerter was
*only* (AIR) available as a kit. (I have one in the collection - still

There may be a date on the instructions, but I'n not in front of it at the
moment. And a lot of these ended up un Apple ][s as well.

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