Help Identifying RAM Chips

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Mon Nov 3 10:02:39 1997

<company like Microsoft or maybe IBM had someone design something
<faster..... we'll be at 15ns soon enough anyway. We've gone from 70ns in
<late 94 to only 45ns today, and SRAM has become so darn fast.... by the

I've been in the technology for 20 years and 15 NS up until the 90s was
bipolar or ECL territory and those technologies were not dense enough to
yeild large memories or cheap. There were static mos/cmos parts that
were fast but in the mid 80s 70ns was still very quick and 45ns was at
the corner of the technology.

<way, does anyone know about overclocking an 8088 (the 8mhz variety), by
<NEC, not Intel?

By how much? 10% is generally doable and depending on the mask and age of
the part it may have been faster than marked. The problem is everything
around the 8088 has to run faster and the eproms/rams are likely unable to
keep up as 10mhz was state of the art for the time and even then wait states
had to be inserted to keep things in sync. I'd recommend not
trying as the amount to could get is not significant enough and you may
cause other problems in the process. If sped is a must find an AT or 386.
Even a 386sx/16 is at least 3-5x faster!

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