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Date: Mon Nov 3 06:02:28 1997

> As Allison pointed out to me via private e-mail, the "-3" on this particular
> Hitachi chip means, in all likelihood, that it is a 150ns part. This
> agrees with the various databooks I have; it looks like for this series
> of Hitachi DRAM chips, "-1" means
> 100 ns, the "-2" means 120 ns, and the "-3" means 150 ns, from the
> various crossrefs given in my mid-80's TI memory databook. (It's
> a commodity-pinout 64k x 1 DRAM; what most other manufacturers
> labeled the "4164").

I suspected but was not sure.


> It depends on how big you want your memory! 74S89's have been
> around for over two decades now, and some of these are graded fast
> enough. Of course, they only have a capacity of 0.008 Kbytes :-).

Tim, funny that you said about 74s89, IN fact I DID used it to store
the data on one of my high-school project. Multi choice counter with
that feature based on AND to match and make the counter count. I
used s192 or s193 not sure to drive that S89.
It's 16 x 4bit which is 64bit static memory. The problem was the
opamp hooked to that photodiodes and years later found out that 741
is not that good. It seems to steal each other if I try to use it
more than 2 sensors. I use 5.

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