Classic Computer Rescue Squad

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Nov 6 20:00:08 1997

<Absolutely true. I do hope that the "classiccmp" mailing list doesn't
<go in the direction that Sam suggests, i.e. limiting discussion to
<computers considered "collectible" in the popular press.

Yes there are many machines that are quite interesting but aren't sexy by
the LA times standard. I will not argue that altair, Imsai, Apple, tandy
and IBM to name a few weren't povital. I may add that most of those names
do not attract my attention as I know some of the backroads and alleys
where I did application engineering and design work.

Maybe that's why I have an intel Intellect MDS 8080 development system
that is circa 1976 manufacture and of vastly superior construction than
the altair.

<That reminds me, Allison, I've got a couple of Motorola 6800 Exorcisor
<boards that I promised to try to sneak in through US Customs for you...

When they arrive I will be thankful.

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