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From: Kip Crosby <>
Date: Thu Nov 6 20:44:50 1997

At 21:00 11/6/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Maybe that's why I have an intel Intellec MDS 8080 development system
>that is circa 1976 manufacture and of vastly superior construction than
>the Altair.

Damn right, pop a case on an Intellec and you'll just sigh. They're like
little minis inside. You know what else is just as nice the same way? The
Tektronix boxes built around the LSI-11....

It's like having a '56 or '57 Mercedes. The whole world knows how sexy and
pricey a 300SL is, be it the Gullwing or the roadster; but it takes a
_real_ connoisseur to appreciate, even to recognize! the same year's 300SC.

Kip Crosby
Computer History Association of California
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