Hard drive jumper settings required.

From: Daniel A. Seagraves <dseagrav_at_bsdserver.tek-star.net>
Date: Sat Nov 8 10:52:29 1997

On Sat, 8 Nov 1997, Kevin McQuiggin wrote:

> Yep, you need one. You can use a standard PC cable and ignore the twisted
> connector, or simply cut and resolder the twisted portion. This works for me.

I already have a straight-through.

> Here's the plan. Get the drive specs from the IBM web site (this will be
> tough, their sites are, in my experience, very hard to navigate), and grab
> a copy of the QD21 manual that explains each of the required parameters.
> There are copies available online, I can email it to you if necessary.

Email would be good, I've tried looking for the manual but had no luck
finding it.

> Boot your machine to the chevron prompt, then start up the QD21 firmware.
> Hopefully you'll have the "newer" menu driven version, if not then you'll
> have to set up some tables in memory as described in the manual.

I do have the menus. I can get that far.

> The QD21 has a "read disk parameters from device" setting, I'd try that
> first to see if it works for your drive. I've have mixed success with
> non-DEC drives on this one. If it works then you're away to the races, just
> format from the QD21 menus and then INIT DUxx from VMS or whatever's on
> your VAX.

VAX? The QD21 is in a PDP-11/23+.

> If not then you'll have to enter a bunch of parameters from the drive
> specs, plus some that you can calculate from the specs as stated in the
> manual.


> The drive select jumper on the drive must generally be set to "drive select
> 2". If you're getting no response this may be the problem. The cable must
> not be of the twisted variety. Make sure your cable polarity is right, etc.
> etc.
> I have had success with IBM ESDI drives and the QD21, just keep fiddling
> and you'll get it going!

That's the usual plan...

> I hope this helps,

If you really have the manual, it will!
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