From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sat Nov 8 11:00:26 1997

At 00:02 08-11-97 PST, Tim Shoppa intoned (in response to Dan Seagraves):

>I'm going to make a guess that you're talking about DEC RX33 (5.25"
>half-height drives) or DEC RX50 drives (two 5.25" drives in a full-height
>5.25" form factor) hooked to a RQDX3 controller. If you can specify
>that you're talking about one or the other, you'll get more specific
>answers :-)


>A RQDX3 is incapable of formatting RX50 floppies, but it is capable


        Excuse me, but this does not make sense to me. I have an RX50 and RQDX3 in
my MicroVAX II, and it is perfectly happy formatting RX50 floppies. How do
you think I got that wonderful tape copying program onto the hard drive? ;-)

        For my part, Tim, I'd be very disappointed if you unsubscribed from the
list. I value your insights very much.

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