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From: Kevin McQuiggin <>
Date: Sun Nov 9 10:15:07 1997

At 01:54 AM 97/11/09 -0500, you wrote:
>> > Ehehe... We should build a computer from discrete components, just to
>> > operate one. And connect it to the Internet. Of course, we'd never
>> > finish in out lifetimes, and it would fill a room, but it would be awful
>> > cool!

I still have a copy of Popular Electronics from September 1972, where the
cover mentions a device built from a 4 bit ALU (TTL series, I forget the
exact number). "Build a digital logic computer" is the title of the
article, and it's described as a "logic trainer" within.

It had no RAM, clock, or anything, it was simply an ALU wired to 2 banks of
4 switches, and a rotary switch configured to select one of the 8 or 16
operations supported by the ALU. If I'd built it I'm sure I would've tired
of 4 bit boolean operations pretty quickly.


Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD
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