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From: Captain Napalm <>
Date: Sun Nov 9 00:54:17 1997

It was thus said that the Great Ward Donald Griffiths III once stated:
> Daniel A. Seagraves wrote:
> >
> > Ehehe... We should build a computer from discrete components, just to
> > operate one. And connect it to the Internet. Of course, we'd never
> > finish in out lifetimes, and it would fill a room, but it would be awful
> > cool!
> Does anybody but me remember the Byte cover (1976, I think) of a 4-bit
> computer built from transistors, diodes, etc. and wire? (No boards or
> anything). There was a followup picture in the magazine some months
> later after the cat had knocked it off the desk.

  I remember in late 85, Byte having two articles about a guy that built his
own computer (CPU from scratch no less). Ah for Byte to have such articles
again ...

  -spc (Once Steve Ciarcia stopped writing, I stopped reading ... )
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