VAXstation II tapes

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Sun Nov 9 10:25:17 1997

<How would one go about getting the OS off of the CD onto the Vax? Sounds
<like my best bet is to try to get a SCSI controller for this puppy (at
<least I gather from my research that SCSI controllers are available). Any
<idea's on who sells such things, and for how much?

Two ways, RRD40 or RRD50. Any scsi controller you use must emulate a MSCP
device or the system will not know how to boot. The VMS cd is bootable.
The SCSI I'm using is a CMD C-200TM and it seems to work ok. The problem is
that an RRD40/50 CDrom will cost $100-200 and a SCSI controller will not be
cheap either.

method 2, get someone to cut a tape from the CD using their system.

<BTW if you've seen the last post I had about the HD not being connected,
<your couple of posts make me wonder if this wasn't done to get it to boot
<off of a network.

Possibly but, not likely. You can casue a net boot by setting the drive
offline from the front pannel and the boot roms will try the nest device
or you can do a >>>b QNA0: telling it to use the network adaptor if
installed(an M7504 or 7516). My guess is that the Microvax was gutted
for the disks as RD53s are generally small for them.

<Don't worry, I've no intention of letting loose of the manuals. I never
<let loose of manuals, unless it's something I've got multiples of. They'r
<great manuals from what I've seen, the Hardware Information manual is
<definitly well done. A little light in areas, but all in all very good.

If you have the hardware manuals you may not have the orange or grey wall.
What's that? The full VMS doc set is atleast 17 volumes of the 1.5-2"
looseleaf binder size and they are chock full of everything about the OS
and device programming info. Orange corrosponds to V4 and Grey is the V5.

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