VAXstation II tapes

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Nov 9 12:00:30 1997

Thanks for all the advice. I did some more research last night and it's
looking as if my best bet is to either get a ESDI controller and drive, or
a RD54, or another VAX and simply boot over the network. A VAXstation 3000
something with built in SCSI is sounding awfully nice right now :^)

Beware I might have some questions on the procedure with the Hard Drive
that you were talking about, if I can work up the nerve :^)

>If you have the hardware manuals you may not have the orange or grey wall.
>What's that? The full VMS doc set is atleast 17 volumes of the 1.5-2"
>looseleaf binder size and they are chock full of everything about the OS
>and device programming info. Orange corrosponds to V4 and Grey is the V5.

I've got the Hardware Manuals (two in one binder), and a good chunk of the
orange wall (8 volumes). Everything is VMS v4.4, which is fine. I've
really no desire to run Ultrix, which is the extent of my previous
experience with DEC stuff.

                        Thanks again,

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