Classic "Laptops"

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sun Nov 9 12:39:11 1997

Kip Crosby wrote:

> There is a great machine called the AlphaSmart Pro, which is an RS 100 with
> a faster processor, PC and Mac data ports, etc. They're almost unheard of
> because they're sold only through the educational channel, but you can buy
> from the manufacturer. I think it's $295.

That description would have to be considered inaccurate, it's only got a
four-line display. And no programability -- it's basically a just a text
editor with the ability to dump into a desktop box. Or so I get the
impression from <>. I can't tell whether it
use a modem or not. It's definitely a descendent in its way, though. A
_LOT_ more memory and I won't believe the claimed battery life until I've
killed a set of Energizers in one.

I'll be showing the picture from the web page to the SO -- something tells
me that she'll want one -- it's cute. I'm intrigued that it supposedly
work as a replacement keyboard for a PC or a Mac. The web page says it's
$185, and presently they throw in a carrying case. The keyboard on the
I bought a few weeks back is as bad as any other Mac keyboard I've avoided
using over the years.
Ward Griffiths
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