Classic Computer Rescue Squad

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Sun Nov 9 04:26:07 1997

On 7 Nov 97 at 9:10, Tim Shoppa wrote:

> [Sam Ismail's reply deleted so as to not offend the mailing-list
> owner]
> Seeing as how I seem to have caused quite a ruckus with the Data
> General computers that I'm trying to find a good home for, would
> our esteemed mailing-list owner prefer me to unsubscribe from this
> list to avoid any future problems? Or would a simple ban on my
> opinions regarding currently-less-collectible (but still "classic" -
> i.e. older than the Apple I, Altair, and IMSAI machines)
> hardware be sufficient?
> Tim. (
 As an offender of mailing list protocol (mechanical calculators) in
an intemporate rant re the sale online of Curta T-shirts (is that
vague enough :^) ) I can only plead that YES you are needed in this
list for your expertise as well as humor and good looks. Of course
the offending poster was our man Sam ,but what would collecting be
with-out passionate opinions. Christ-like self immolation is
egotistical and boring. Carry on Tim. You're great !!

 A fellow member of that most-desired citizenry., CANADIAN ( we even
make a beer by that name )

Wow Talk about an expandable thread. Like an accident will fill a
deserted street.
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