apple rgb monitor problems

From: Phil Beesley <>
Date: Mon Nov 10 10:35:48 1997

On 9 Nov 97 at 22:54, wrote:

> i need some help with an applecolor rgb monitor if anyone can.
> does anyone know any way of testing this monitor?

Apple have mastered the art of confusing names for monitors. The
"original" colour monitor you need for a Mac II series is called the
"AppleColor Hi-Resolution RGB Display"; for early Mac II series
particular adaptor cards are required for particular monitors, so
your adaptor card will not work with an A4 portrait display for
example. From about 1990 it was replaced by the "Macintosh 12" RGB
Display" which was smaller and lighter,

There is a similarly named rgb monitor designed for the Apple IIgs;
this is a 12" analog display very similar to the Macintosh
display. It works with a horizontal refresh rate of 15.75kHz -- half
that supplied by the IIcx video port.

> i have one in the
> silver-gray colour that matches my mac IIcx yet, i cannot seem to get any
> video on it. i have tried using both a laser128 and a //c's rgb output into
> the monitor, but the only thing i can get is a deep blue screen with stable
> vertical lines with the //c, and a moving blue bar with the laser128 although
> they both can do rgb output and i was using the same cable.

Isn't the output from the //c and the laser *digital* rgb, not
*analog* rgb? You can also be certain that Apple didn't use the same
pinouts for the //c and the Mac II series so your cable will be wrong.

> when i tested the
> monitor with my mac cx which has a 1 bit mono card, i did get video, but was
> difficult to read, and i got double images of the desktop. i've already tried
> every control accessable on the monitor too.

This sounds like the IIgs display to me. I'd hang on to it -- they
are very highly regarded -- until a IIgs system turns up...

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