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Date: Mon Nov 10 13:26:23 1997

At 02:38 PM 11/8/97 -0500, you wrote:
>So, what do you people think I should do when I just can't keep a computer
>much longer? I don't want to trash them, but things like XTs, 286s, etc? What
>can I do but throw them away when I have no room?
Where are you located? There are groups that will recondition them and
place them in schools. Groups like the Detwiler Foundation (huge) or the
Computer Recycling Project (tiny). I do the same for my girlfriend's school
with Mac's. There are also programs that teach kids about fixing them.
Lemme know if you need more info and I can dig it up. (I don't do much with
most of the groups because I'm able to scrounge the computers and fix them

P.S., if anyone has older mac stuff (Mac II or newer) we can always use it.

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