FWD: FREE to good home: IBM RT 6150s

From: Mzthompson_at_aol.com <(Mzthompson_at_aol.com)>
Date: Mon Nov 10 20:16:24 1997

Found the following on comp.sys.ibm.pc.rt
Anybody near him wanna rescue these machines.

I acquired one about a month ago here in Indiana, along
with a fairly complete set of books and disks. Mine has
two ESDI drives (300mb & 110mb) and loaded with
AIX 2.2. It's a tower case about 24" x 24" x 9".
If I remember the front panel says System 135.

Mike Thompson

Subject: FREE to good home: IBM RT 6150s
From: Bill Bradford <mrbill_at_texas.net>
Date: Sun, Nov 9, 1997 20:52 EST
Message-id: <645pd8$cbc$1_at_news3.texas.net>

I recently acquired this whole bunch, with the intention of getting
at least a couple of them reloaded and working; however, I've now
got plans to move soon, and cant afford to move these machines. I'd
like to see them go to a good home; so they're free to the first
person to come pick them up.

System Configurations: (6 systems)
        EAP processors (16mb RAM each)
        dual ESDI hard drives (unknown size)
        SIIG ISA-bus I/O cards
        Graphic cards with 6153 mono monitors
        Ethernet (AUI / 10base2) cards
        ESDI controller cards

The other system only has the HDs and ESDI controller card (no CPU card
 or other cards). Also, one of the above systems is lacking the 1.2mb
floppy drive; it may be the same system that is lacking a CPU card.

I beleive 3 or 4 of the machines also have tape drive controller
cards; and I have three external IBM QIC tape drives to go with them.
I've also got a 15" monochrome IBM monitor that has a DB9 data cable

I've got some manuals (User's manual, problem determination guide, and
2-3 others) in the IBM binders.

Systems are located in Austin, Texas. You'll need a good-sized pickup
truck or van to haul all of them away. If you're interested, let me know.
It sucks to let these go, but I cant afford to move them along with my
other computer equipment.

I can be reached at mrbill_at_texas.net.

Bill Bradford     Sr. Systems Engineer          ICQ: 1864511
mrbill_at_texas.net  Texas Networking, Inc.     http://www.texas.net 
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