apple rgb monitor problems

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Nov 10 20:15:58 1997

>>i need some help with an applecolor rgb monitor if anyone can.
>>does anyone know any way of testing this monitor? i have one in the
>>silver-gray colour that matches my mac IIcx yet, i cannot seem to get any
>>video on it.
>This really sounds like the monitor for an Apple IIgs. I have three
>such monitors. (One isn't in very good shape and the other two are
>in use.) I think there are some Macs that can use this monitor, but I'm
>not positive. Make sure you are using analog RGB, not digital.

I know for a fact that the monitor for the IIgs doesn't work with a Mac LC,
nothing bad happened, just didn't work. Don't remember specifics on it
In my opinion the LC would have been the most likely to be able to use the
monitor. I'd heard rumors that it would, but when you think about the fact
that they'll all work with a Multisync monitor, doesn't really make sense.


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