Bogus CD drive

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Date: Thu Nov 13 21:09:18 1997

well, a cd disk cleaning kit only costs <$10. I myself dont even know how one
would clean a cd drive if it was taken apart as the disk cleaner would do


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<< My primary computer has a Toshiba 3401 (couple-years-old) caddy-type SCSI
 CD drive in it. This is from back when they were expensive and built like
 tanks. It is now generally choking on software CD's and skipping horribly
 on audio CD's. My Wintel guru says that it is literally not worth trying
 to clean the thing, that the cost of a cleaning will exceed the cost of a
 new 8X or 10X SCSI CD drive, and the bother of going inside the case,
 removing, and re-installing will be the same. I hate to pitch this drive,
 it's worked so well; is there anything non-invasive I can try before I give
 up on it?
 thanks much,
 Kip Crosby >>
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