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Date: Thu Nov 13 16:45:56 1997

> well, a cd disk cleaning kit only costs <$10. I myself dont even know how one
> would clean a cd drive if it was taken apart as the disk cleaner would do
> everything.
> david
David, that is market trick played on you...bad! Those is just
gimmicky thingy. Best thing is manual cleaning and general
inspection. Sorry, open up 'em to access that wobby len for

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> << My primary computer has a Toshiba 3401 (couple-years-old) caddy-type SCSI
> CD drive in it. This is from back when they were expensive and built like
> tanks. It is now generally choking on software CD's and skipping horribly
> on audio CD's. My Wintel guru says that it is literally not worth trying
> to clean the thing, that the cost of a cleaning will exceed the cost of a
> new 8X or 10X SCSI CD drive, and the bother of going inside the case,
> removing, and re-installing will be the same. I hate to pitch this drive,
> it's worked so well; is there anything non-invasive I can try before I give
> up on it?
> thanks much,
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> Kip Crosby >>
Kip, This drive (sorry!) used cheap brushed PM spindle motor that
you see in most 4x and below. Between two first try to open it up
and use swab bud and 99% alcohol (not rubbing alcohol which has oils
and such that leaves film on surfaces) to GENTLY clean that wobbly
LEN to see if that will solve it. No go? Suspect motor.
Replacement is not that hard if you can find one that fits and use 3v
low current type also it used RF resistors internally on the motor
armture itself. If someone is really GOOD with their hands like
watch repair (I'm one of them as well), file the crimps off and take
motor apart, carefully of those flat brushes! Then clean the
commuter with alcohol followed by sharpened toothpick between gaps to
clean out those shorts. Yes! That "grows" shorts over time when
using the drive. use pieces of toothpicks to gently spread
the brushes apart via those access holes and can jam the
toothpicks to keep it there while putting the lid back on. Lightly
crimp with a cutter to keep the lid on. That also affects all cd
audio players that uses that type of PM motors.

I was surprised that Toshiba used brushed motors where many thought
including me, Mitsumi was bad but I had chance to repair several 1x,
2x types and they used ball bearing brushless spindle motors. Not
sure on newer 4x and up Mitsumis. And they use effective dust
barrier design that cd plastic housing is sealed by 5 screws and foam
to the top cover metal sheet. I'm using a Mitsumi mouse and really
beats the M$ mouse ver2.01 claptrap.

Secondly, I really dislike Toshiba drives until things changes for
the better. Sometimes by their designs of chipsets internally
usually BLOW up by bunches even cooked those len field coils!
Maybe it was the design of the power input or the design of the SCSI
chipset that really dislikes backward connection? Had seen more than
3 of them.

All cdrom drives that likes to be least used to last UNLESS
that dumb spindle motor is made of top quality ball bearing and
brushless type. Because of this fact some did not know if their cd's
are stopped spinning after no reading for a while. I know of few
brands that simply kept cd's spinning all the times wearing or
burning out those sleeved, brushed PM motors.

Also final note, some inexpensive cd drives vibrates too much and I'm
bit upset that comsumers wants more than 8x because this is about the
limit that is useful performance...

Jason D.
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