From: William Donzelli <william_at_ans.net>
Date: Thu Nov 13 21:21:25 1997

> their pilot runs of parts (usually distributed as samples) with an
> 'XC' prefix! I once had an XC6800 in one of my ss-50's! It was in
> what I can only describe as a 'clay' (okay, some wierd ceramic
> material) package. Never saw anything like it before or since.

Motorola has always been a bit loose about letting "XC" labeled parts go
out to production (I have seen Macs with XC68020s, and some production
XC88000 stuff).

I too have some XC labeled 6800 stuff, and yes, it is in weird packages -
it almost looks like the ceramic did not form correctly!

I think Motorola has another prefix for things that stay in the labs (like
preproduction prototypes), but I can not remember what it is.

William Donzelli
Received on Thu Nov 13 1997 - 21:21:25 GMT

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