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Date: Fri Nov 14 19:37:31 1997

as specified before, if the "about this mac" doesnt show it, you may have to
remove the case and look at the simms. plus models came with 1 meg standard
in 4 256k simms. other mem configurations are 2 1meg simms and 2 256k ones
for 2.5 meg and 4 1meg simms for a total of 4 which is what my platinum mac
plus has. i've noticed two mac plus designs; one in the apple //e beige
colour and the other in corporate gray. i presume they are identical though.

In a message dated 97-11-14 10:49:08 EST, PG Manney put forth:

> Can anyone with Macintosh experience help me, please?
> 1) How do I check the amount of memory installed without ripping open the
> beast?
> 2) The machine was running some programs (Chess, for example) and suddenly
> refuses to do so, claiming, "xxx K needed to run this program. You have
> K). Customer doesn't know how much was installed. Might this be a
> configuration problem, or has it lost contact with half its RAM? (and it
> hasn't even hit 40 years yet!)
> Thanks,
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