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Date: Fri Nov 14 15:04:38 1997

> > > HDDs I've seen in a LONG time. I was using a WD Caviar 2.0 GB, and it was
> > > LOUD!!!
> Hey! What is wrong with loud disk drives! The more noise the create, the
> more fun they are...
> William Donzelli

Try em on for fun and bit of off topic sorry!

Miniscribe if they're still working: 36xx (noisy stepper), 6085
more of a house thumper, 3180E real loud rapid-fire tink tink and
dreadful screech like blackboard/fingernails when seeking from one
track to track in long, rapid steps.. 8450+. Few Priam models that
uses 16 heads on linear voice coil and that make a scary metallic
pinging like pong ball being dropped on startup. And few old Maxtor
7xxx models, they make noises like baby rattle and maybe still does
that on current models. Remember! That older 7xxxx models are
actually Miniscribe's latest design just before Maxtor which
regeattably downgraded in reputation when they grabbed that stupid

Conners and those Seagate's "Conners" is very silent hum but not
exactly real performer. Historical item, several seagate
engineers started up Conner company in around '85 after arguements
with Seagate officals on proper designs of making 3.5" which Seagate
did not listened to. Seagate made lot of stinker ST1xx series where
conner made lot of reliable CP3xxx/CP30xxx series but later models
got poorer with time as they developed newer ones with larger bytes.
After this mistake, bought up the Impimis instead to get their
expertise in 3.5 drives. Comments: The original CP30101 disc pack
looks not too different from CFA 850, 1gb drives. That original
CPS3425A I think is what exactly looks like segate is currently
producing now. :( AND real POOPer of the day few days ago when we
tried to make one of them work with a ST5850A and the new "Conner"
3.2GB I think. That clearly shows that Seagate did not fully worked
all bugs out of that original "Conner" hd bios. Not successful, we
put it on seperate port instead. Suggset choose more carefully if one
is going with Seagate's "Conner" drives now. I'm staying on the
fence on this one until time will tell then I will drop the "Conner"
sigma from my list after all if things get better.

Quantums like fireball series and seagate's ST5xxxx is just tad
noisy but not too objectable as they usually are very fast performer.
That noise issue/vibration issues works well when using strong
mounting hardware in good solid cases.
Noise level get worse if the fans that seems to work is not spinning
smoothly enough!

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