Software preservation

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sat Nov 15 11:56:28 1997

        OK... now that I've -finally- gotten hold of a CD burner, I can start
thinking about preserving all the old software I have. What I'd like from
the group is some pointers on ways that I can preserve things like RX50
floppies on CD. EPROMs and PROMs I can already deal with.

        What kind (if any) of binary or bit-copy utilities are available to help
me in this regard? FTP sites, anyone? My primary workstation is Windoof NT,
though I will be setting up an ESIX (Unix) system in the near future, or
possibly Linux (haven't decided yet).

        I know about CoComp's SCSI Toolkit, but I'm not quite ready to spend
another $500 just yet! ;-)

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