Tape backup unit: Any clues?

From: Anthony Eros <Anthony.Eros_at_digital.com>
Date: Sat Nov 15 12:26:02 1997

I've heard of these before, a large chemical company headquartered where I live used these to back up engineering data. There was some senior management concern raised though over the format -- "We've got to keep these under tight control. If they fall into the wrong hands, our competition might put them into a VCR and look at our data."

I kid you not...

-- Tony

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Subject: Tape backup unit: Any clues?

Hi, folks,

        Came across an interesting find recently. Manufactured by Digi-Data
Corporation, out of Maryland (yes, they are still around), it's a
Pertec-interface TBU that uses, of all things, a VHS cassette mechanism to
back up as much as 2 gigabytes to a normal T120 VHS tape.

        Darndest thing I've seen this year! I've spoken to Digi-Data already, and
it is still possible to get a manual for the thing (you better believe I'll
be doing so!), so I intend to put it to good use.

        I'm just curious if anyone else has crossed paths with this unit. It's
called a 'Gigastore.'

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