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From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sat Nov 15 13:05:02 1997

John R. Keys Jr. wrote:
> Can anyone tell me if Linux will run on the IBM Powerstation 7012/300 and
> 7011/200, these are both rs6000 machines. I got them at auction and the
> aix/unix operating systems and everything else was removed from the
> harddrives. I'm looking for some low cost operating system software to run
> these machines with. Thanks in advance. John Keep on computing !!!

To the best of my knowledge, probably not now and likely not soon. As I
recall, those machines are old Power (or maybe Power2) architecture (Bill
Donzelli knows which models are which better than I do) and the closest
Linux porting project is for the PowerPC, which is less closely related
than the similar names might imply.
Ward Griffiths
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