Who Was Looking for the RSX-11/M Manual??? Please Respond!

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <gram_at_cnct.com>
Date: Sat Nov 15 13:17:01 1997

Daniel A. Seagraves wrote:
> Oooooh, crap. Did I just do what I think I did?
> Why is it I get the sudden feeling that about 2048 junk-mailers are aiming
> at me right now...

Coulda been worse. If you'd put your ICBM address on Usenet instead of
a mailing list. (Gee, how would _I_ know).
Ward Griffiths
"Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails 
of the last priest."  [Denis Diderot, "Dithyrambe sur la fete de rois"]
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