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Date: Sat Nov 15 19:17:48 1997

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> > I was using a WD Caviar 2.0 GB, and it was
> > LOUD!!!
> If you think that was loud, you've never heard a RP05 spinning up :-).
> The most amazing thing is being in a real computer room (i.e. dozens
> of 14" drives) when the power suddenly goes *off*. The silence is
> astonishing.
> Tim. (
off-topic again:
speaking of loud, i worked in a small computer room back in 1992 and when i
came in one afternoon, it was quieter than normal. turns out the ac units
werent running so those units themselves make plenty of noise. even louder
was the IBM 3380/3880 (cant remember which) DASD units of which there were 4
rows of them. quite impressive for their size and noisy, probably due to the
belt drive mechanism. later they were replaced with one small row of hitachi
drives which were mcuh quieter and had almost 2x the capacity, I was told.

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