Classic Computer Rescue Squad

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Sat Nov 15 22:05:30 1997

> speaking of loud, i worked in a small computer room back in 1992 and when i
> came in one afternoon, it was quieter than normal. turns out the ac units
> werent running so those units themselves make plenty of noise. even louder
> was the IBM 3380/3880 (cant remember which) DASD units of which there were 4
> rows of them. quite impressive for their size and noisy, probably due to
> belt drive mechanism. later they were replaced with one small row of hitachi
> drives which were mcuh quieter and had almost 2x the capacity, I was told.

That is not much of a suprise, as the 3380s were probably fairly old then
(although there are many flavors of them). There are probably some still
in use, as I see them in the junkyards. Large and fast...

William Donzelli
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