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Date: Sat Nov 15 19:48:40 1997

> > was the IBM 3380/3880 (cant remember which) DASD units of which there were 4
> > rows of them.
> Now that I have done a bit of sniffing around, I see that you are correct
> for both of your numbers - the 3880s controlled (and cached) the 3380s.
> Of course, this brings up a thought: with numbers like that, I wonder how
> many times the installation engineers went to the dock, only to find out
> the wrong crate was shipped.
> William Donzelli

Is that slapping belt driven by brushed massive motor and a dual head
racks on opposed fashion like lycoming? Well, we had one fail,
spindle bearings started to groan and lose speed. :) and you can see
those rust colored platters through that semi-smoked plastic
housings. The platter axle is horizontal and in front/back
direction in relation to user when opening or closing that banging
sheetmetal blue doors. I think it was between 10 or 14
thick platters.

What exactly how much MB or MW that was? :)

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