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[re: IBM 3380's)

>What exactly how much MB or MW that was? :)

As per MB -- depends on a *lot* of things, mainly the number of disks in
the housing (as the number referred to the entire housing, not the internal
disk paks, IIRC) and the letter suffix on the box. This info is circa
1989/1990 when I worked for Electronic Data Systems in Auburn hills --
searching for DASD book --

_Differences in DASD Models_

Currently, the most widely used model is the 3380 device, which has five
model types, listed on the diagram on page B-1.5.

Model D has single-density capabilities, model E has dual-density
capabilities, and the model K has tri-density capabilities.


Anyway, here's what I can glean from this goofily-formatted table:

                                3380D 3380E 3380K
MB per device 630 1260 1890
MB per HDA 1260 2520 3780
MB per Unit 2520 5041 7562
GB per 4-unit string 10.08 20.16 30.24

I'm sure that these numbers have improved substantially since then... ;-)

Oh, and since the 3380x moniker pertains to the HD's, the rackmounted
enclosure and the whole shebang, you'd need a big football player to just
lift it to be able to drop it on your foot -- and believe me, you wouldn't
have a foot after that!

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