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From: Carl R. Friend <>
Date: Sun Nov 16 16:57:28 1997

   On Sun, 16 Nov 1997 08:40:43 -0800, Mr. Willing made the following

> And so, the dilemma... do I open the disks and crank this critter up?
> Or just pack it all away as another classic 'artifact'? (or leave it
> until I have a fair amount of time to spend with it)

   Pack it away, sealed up, and find another 3B1 to work on.

   I know a chap "down under" who has a LINC-8 in its original ply-
wood crate stashed in a storage locker. The thing has not seen the
light of day since it came off the line in 1968. It is one of 142
ever built.

   What do we do with that example? Leave it packed away? Fire it
up for the edification of the locals (worldwide)? This is a knotty
question, and one that harks somewhat to the same question asked by
those who restore, and fly, antique aircraft. If we fly it, there's
always the possibility that we might have a failure and the example
(artifact) may be destroyed - if we don't, we're ignoring the essential
beauty and function of the design.

   I, offhand, am tempted to say "park the craft" and find another one
that's a bit more beat up. Restore that one, and drive it to your
heart's content. But save the "factory original" one - like an old

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